Airtel Hotspot Plans in 2018 – Airtel wifi dongle and Airtel hotspot device

By | February 17, 2018

Airtel wifi dongle (4 G Hotspot) and Airtel USB dongle

Recently Airtel decrease 50% of sale price on their two products. Those are Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot and Airtel USB dongle. Now you can purchase  Airtel Wi-Fi dongle at Rs.999/- and Airtel USB dongle at Rs.1600/- from Amazon or Airtel official website and local market will be available very soon. Both are the multimode device that means it supports 4G, 3G, even 2G network signal. You can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enable devices such as smart TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet and much more through   Airtel Wi-Fi dongle or  Airtel USB dongle. Those give you 4G internet speed in non-4G devices.  Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot has a powerful battery (1800 mAh)  that support up to 6 hours. Connect your smart device to Airtel Wi-Fi dongle with Wi-Fi or you may use a USB cable for USB tethering.  Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot and Airtel USB dongle both support all GSM sim card such as Vodaphone, Tata Docomo, BSNL etc. Those devices also support Reliance Jio sim card. If you come here for know Airtel hotspot plans, scroll down below. In the end, I also discussed its plans too.

Airtel Hotspot Plans in 2018

Details summary of Airtel wifi hotspot  and Airtel USB dongle


Airtel wifi hotspot 

Airtel USB dongle

Network support

2G, 3G, 4G

2G, 3G, 4G

Micro SD card sold



SMS facility



Device weight

99.80 gram

40.80 gram

Devices connect

Up to 10 (wifi) and 1 USB tethring

Up to 10 (wifi) and 1 USB tethring


Yes. (1800 mAh). Battery life – 6 hours.

No. Plug dongle into USB charger to use as a wifi hotspot.

Operating frequency



Mobile partner support


Yes. Also support Huawei HiLink mobile Application.

Manufacture by



Airtel Hotspot Plans in 2018

Airtel Hotspot Plans in 2018:- Recently Airtel modifies their all hotspot plans. Airtel 4G Postpaid Plans are divided into three categories.  Actually, these plans are based on the device of the Airtel subscriber. Here I tried to sort out Airtel Hotspot Plans in a table. This is given below.

Airtel Hotspot Plans

Validity Amount (RS) High Speed 4G data/day Base Plan + Offer Total Data/ Month
1 Month 399 2 GB 5 GB + 2 GB 65 GB
599 4 GB 8 GB + 4 GB 128 GB
799 6 GB 12 GB + 6 GB 192 GB
6 Month 2400 2 GB 5 GB + 2 GB 65 GB
3600 4 GB 8 GB + 4 GB 128 GB
4800 6 GB 12 GB + 6 GB 192 GB
12 Month 4800 2 GB 5 GB + 1 GB 65 GB
7200 4 GB 8 GB + 2 GB 128 GB
9600 6 GB 12 GB + 3 GB 192 GB


Note: – All of above plans are taken from Airtel official website on 11 August 2018. The visitor is requested that please check again from the airtel’s official website or contact Airtel retailer or customer care before recharge (Bill Pay).

This is a regular editable article. Last edit – 11.08.2018

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